What's An SSMM?

You might have heard about a “Senior Move Manager” and are investigating why one would be good to use. There is actually an “Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers” dedicated to promoting the benefits of having professionals who can help you accomplish any or all of the tasks associated with moving. Founded in 2002, NASMM recognized that older adults and their families could use the professional knowledge and experience of such managers to address both the physical and emotional demands of later life transitions involving downsizing, relocating or modifying their homes.

NASMM member organizations such as A Lighter Move are detail and high touch oriented. They keep track of an assortment of details that could otherwise be overwhelming and, in many instances, coordinate additional service providers, keeping the project on track and on time. In 2020, after years of NASMM members being asked to help others besides older adults, NASMM expanded its message to include specialty moves such as assisting with corporate, military, college and other moves that needed professionals with an expanded skill set.

Listen to what WGN Morning News in Chicago learned interviewing Mary Kay Buysse, executive director of NASMM

You might imagine that, with thousands of older adults moving each year, many companies see an expansive service market. Why should you look for a NASMM member? Click this link -

Just as you might utilize the service of a lawyer, real estate agent or financial planner, you can rest assured in having a Senior Move Manager like A Lighter Move help you with any of these….

  • Developing your Overall Plan and Timeline
  • Deciding What to Move with Customized Floor Plans for new spaces
  • Sorting, Organizing, and Downsizing
  • Determining Re-sale Options
  • Arranging Small Shipments to Family or Friends
  • Interviewing, Scheduling and Overseeing Movers
  • Packing, Unpacking and Setting Up New Residences
  • Coordinating other services like Cleaning or Repairs
  • Getting a Home Ready for Listing or Closing

What Clients Say About ALM

The money I spent on my move and your services was the best I have spent in a long time. I can’t thank you enough for your help and how well orchestrated everything was. Singing your praises to everyone I talk to! Your crew and you are wonderful.

Gerd S.

Thank you once again for the outstanding service that you and your crew provided for my mother and myself regarding her move on Friday! I never imagined that a move like this could be made so easily. You showed such care and compassion for my mother as you carefully and lovingly packed…moved…and unpacked her possessions. We were both amazed at how much her new apartment felt like ‘home’ by the time you packed up your things and left at the end of the day. Again, we could not be more pleased!

Pam M.